XXX Neon Sign


xxx neon sign is a piece of theatre performed by Dan Thorpe at the piano.

It’s based on James Andre’s epic poem about his time working in a porno shop in Brisbane, and also about how weird/interesting/fucked up our interactions with sex and the sex industry are in general. There’s a naked flame, and also a naked dude, so if that’s not your thing maybe stay home. If that is your thing, definitely come hang out.

Creative Team

Dan Thorpe — Composer/Performer
Paulo Castro — Dramaturg
Olivia Zanchetta — Designer
Gilbert Kemp-Attrill — Film/Projection


September 12 — 8pm (Preview)
September 13, 15 — 8pm
September 18, 19 — 7pm
September 20 - 8pm
September 21 - 5pm and 8pm


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